Vegetable Chapathi


Rice Flour / Pacharisi maavu – 1 cup Water – 3/4 cups or less Salt – ½ tsp. *** To Mix with Puttu *** Jaggery / Vellam [or substitute with sugar] – 3 tbsp. or adjust to your taste Sesame oil (Nallennai/Gingely oil) [or substitute with 2 tsp. ghee] – 1/2 tbsp. Coconut [freshly grated or frozen shredded] – 3/4 cup Dates [optional] – 2

How to Make cola puttu

you will need a clean white cloth. I’m using my idli cooker to steam the prepared puttu mix. Take little water in the vessel and heat it in HIGH flame for 3 minutes Take out the cloth carefully and squeeze out the water nicely. Place the cloth on the idli plate and layer the prepared puttu powder (puttu podi) loosely (Do not dump in all the puttu flour in a single batch.). Close the vessel and steam in high flame for 4 minutes. Steamed puttu smell will fill the kitchen in the 4th minute, that’s when you turn the flame to LOW. Steam the puttu 2 more minutes in LOW flame. Open the lid gently and touch the puttu. It will be soft and non-sticky.Take the plate carefully and dust all the puttu from the cloth into a wide mouthed bowl or plate. [Use the same cloth to steam the next batch of puttu. Check the water level in the vessel before steaming. Let the puttu relax for 2-3 minutes giving time for the steam to escape. Fill the mixed puttu tightly in any of your favorite bowls and invert them on your serving plate to get cute shapes. (I used my small tumblers to form ‘Puttu Twin Towers’, Enjoy breaking your fast or enjoy snacking!.