President Message

World Veg Council

The World Veg Council is in its orbit ready to beam our message on vegetarianism globally. At this proud moment of our accomplishment, I pay my regards and complements to our illustrious predecessors in the Indian Vegetarian Congress Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale its founder President, Dr T.M.P Mahadevan, Dr. N. Mahalingam Past Presidents and Shri. Surendra M.Mehta, Past General Secretary who followed her and host of stalwarts who stood by them without whose untiring and devoted inputs with great commitment to the cause our rise to this great eminence would not have been a reality.

Vegetarianism no longer remains a cut of the palate but is fast emerging as a viable option towards life in harmony with nature. Its ecological necessity in sustaining environment, offsetting hazards like global warming and environmental pollution as vouched by scientific studies worldwide by UN and other agencies is amazing. Statistical studies established that vegetarian Food is highly economical in terms of consumption of natural resources besides being nutritious and healthy too (One hectare of land producing vegetables, fruits and cereals can feed up to 30 people which if used for rearing livestock for meat could feed between only 5 -10 ). Thus the advantageous role it can serve in promoting food security, eradicating starvation in the scenario of exploding population is obvious.

We have to address ourselves on tasks to enlarge our base by establishing a large number of centres worldwide to spread awareness on the ecological and economical advantages of promotion, Greenery also rising production of more food and popularizing vegetarian food as a means towards eradication of starvation. It should imply that we should zealously work for it and stand for the cause not only collectively but individually too. It should be our endeavor to impress upon major corporate house to come forward to support such welfare measure under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in tune with the regulations of the Government of India being considered.

At this significant milestones of our history, I cannot but admire the vision of Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale when I recall her inspiring words “I hope the Indian Vegetarian Congress will be more and more a powerful force for the good of India. India’s Leadership in the world will be effective when India sets an example in the direction”. The moment has arrived. Let us gear up.

N. Tarachand Dugar

International President